Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22 - More Aftershocks

Good morning Mom,

Early this morning at 4:35 am, we had a hit that was scary, and while I was writing you the message this morning around 10:00 am, we had another one. My heart was not in a normal rate, and I can tell you that I ran like an athlete...LOL

Just like I heard that there's a lot of aid from everywhere (food, water, tents, and so on...), we are not that lucky to find these stuff. I am thinking that you can watch that in the news better than I do; you need to fight to get whatever they are giving out. And God knew it was going to happen and He has provided for us, and I thank Him for such a blessing.

Thanks to the generosity of so many, I'm able to send Ruthie money for food and other supplies as they are needed.

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  1. Sue, thank you for keeping us updated. It is great (and sad) to know the real story and not just what we see on the news. Tell Ruthie to keep strong!