Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7 - GREAT NEWS

It's all confirmed, Ruthie will be coming home to Iowa April 1st!!!!!

Our original plan was always to bring Ruthie back after the holidays for a few months. I never thought after the earthquake this could or would happen. In talking with Ruthie over the last several weeks, I asked her if she felt her family would be OK without her for awhile???? she responded with......

I tell people I am not the mother or father of my family...I am the daughter and I feel like I need to get out of here to breathe.....

It became very clear to me that Ruthie needed to get away for awhile.
She has asked to stay for a few months, and we are thrilled!!!!
Ruthie and I will work with her brother, via computer & Western Union on the building plans going forward. Ruthie is very confident that he will do a good job for the family while she is away.


March 2 - Job Searches

I am trying to find a job at The Bahamian Embassy. The people that are working there are my friends and they told me that they have not reopened the Embassy.

As I am writing to you now, my brother is working on the finishing of the plan. (I have asked Ruthie's brother to please send me a copy of the plan he is developing for a new home) There's not much left to be done.

We are trying very hard to have my sister, and my brother, my cousin to find work. Nobody has found work yet, but we are still looking forward to finding. They have given out resumes. For my mom, she cannot do anything. She has sewing machines but people don't want to give you clothes to fix for them because they are all trying to buy food and water and supplies with the least that they have.
OK, ...

Love you,

March 1 - Ruthie's Perspective

Hi Mom,

I am doing good. And we are all doing OK by the grace of God. We are still having Hits (aftershocks) either early in the morning or during the day or night.

Before things were not that easy, and now it's harder since the country has been in such condition. The tents are really helping us out. We are in the rainy season. So, when we don't have rain one day, we are lucky. And it's moody and yucky outside....

I have heard on the news of the earthquake in Japan and Chile. I just don't know what to say. We also have people died the other day in Haiti because of flooding in the SOuth of the country....All I can say is HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!