Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22 - More Aftershocks

Good morning Mom,

Early this morning at 4:35 am, we had a hit that was scary, and while I was writing you the message this morning around 10:00 am, we had another one. My heart was not in a normal rate, and I can tell you that I ran like an athlete...LOL

Just like I heard that there's a lot of aid from everywhere (food, water, tents, and so on...), we are not that lucky to find these stuff. I am thinking that you can watch that in the news better than I do; you need to fight to get whatever they are giving out. And God knew it was going to happen and He has provided for us, and I thank Him for such a blessing.

Thanks to the generosity of so many, I'm able to send Ruthie money for food and other supplies as they are needed.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 20 - As if Ruthie's situation isn't difficult enough....

Hi Mom,

It's been so long. I was sick (fever, cough, sore throat, huge headaches everyday) I went to the hospital and had other appointment. The doctor said that I have Bronchitis. They gave me (syrup, tablets and other). I am doing much better now.

I want to say hi to everybody. Keep thanking everyone for their help and thoughts for the Morency Family. Thank you for helping in rebuilding a new home. God bless you all.

We had rains and it was terrrible. You know being out even when you have tents, we had water running down like a flood. So today, we changed everything and made it another way. So did everyone where we are sleeping.

I will write more later.

I don't know about the rest of you, but when I climb into my nice warm bed at night I can't help but think of the people of Haiti...we have so much...they have so little...what's wrong with this picture?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

February 4, 2010 - Ruthie checks in

Ruthie checked in last great to hear her voice.

In her words...

Aux Cadets, the place that we were going to move told us that the earthquake was also in that place because it has a (flat land) that was one of the most destroyed places. So, we decided not to go to that place anymore. We are scared…we feel safer close to home than to a place we are not used to…And now, we are closed to our house on a piece of land where a lot of people in the neighborhood are staying. During the day, we stay in the front house and we go sleep at night, while working very hard on the plan to get a piece of land and the design for a new place. Until now, I don’t know how much it is going to cost, but I am sure that the price will be reasonable.
I thank the Lord first than I ought to thank you all for your support, your willingness and your kindness to the Morencys. We will not be able to give it back to you but we are sure that God will bless you even more. It was meant to be. Thank everyone on my behalf. I remember them all. I will not have the time to write every name. But I remember every family.