Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 23 - Ruthie's Purchases

Heard via text from Ruthie this morning:

Hi mom. M got up very late this morning. I got home late last night. M gonna try 2 find the internet 2 send u a message bout my purchases. I bought 3 tents, 1/2gl shampoo n conditioner, flash lights n batteries, umbrella, rain coat, body lotion, soap, detergent n sponge, toothbrush n dentifrice.
I need to buy 2 bulb (lamps) that can be recharged n the sun and turn on at night. Then i will be done. I have started to think bout the food 2 buy in Haiti, n i think that after buying, i need 2 have money left. I'll email u everything and keep u updated bout it all...
(I then told her it sounded like she did well with her purchases...her response:)
Yeah, i did. And i compared the prices to Haiti and realized that i did such a good job.
I forgot i also bought vitamins and supplies for wounds jus in case.

(Pretty resourceful isn't she)
I will wire another transaction to Ruthie this afternoon so she will have $ when she returns to Haiti on Monday.

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  1. I'm glad she was able to get what she needed. It's amazing to think of going a day without those things and they've been without for nearly two weeks.