Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21 - An Overview

The Quake
Ruth and her family were in their home when the earthquake hit Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, January 12th. All of them escaped with only minor cuts and bruises - a miracle itself. Because of the many aftershocks, she and her family did not reenter their home, but chose to live on the street outside their house.

Our First Contact
3 days after the quake, our prayers were answered when we heard from Ruth via e-mail.

Hi mom, as u said it, i just don't know what 2 tell u. thank u 4 thinking about us allso far
we are k but we don't know 4 later tell everyone that we are ok our church collapsed
and we lost a lot of people it's a matter of food now that we are hoping to have
emergently from ( I don't know whom)Some places are better than othersi am sure that
we are going to move to some place else. the ground is always shaking and i can't stay
to call you.

While this was welcome news, our focus then became on how to help them survive, as they had no food or water.

Phone Calls & E-Mails
Since that first e-mail, we have heard from Ruth many times, via e-mail, phone, and texting. Her brother was able to secure a cell phone which has been a huge help in keeping in touch with her. Each time we hear from her, her pain and fear is evident, but what is most remarkable is her strength and courage, and the faith that she maintains. We will use this blog as a way to keep you all updated on all communication we receive from Ruth.

Offers of Help
I was inundated with phone calls and e-mails from many of you asking how you could help. This kindness was what prompted us to begin our unofficial fund, gathering donations to help with their immediate needs such as food, water, and shelter, as well as long-term needs which will include evacuation and relocation of Ruth and her family. The generosity of those we know as well as some we don't has been amazing, thank you! We have already been able to wire her a substantial amount of money. Due to the devastation in Haiti, Ruth had to journey to the Dominican Republic to be able to retrieve money. We are fortunate that she had a US Visa or she would not have been allowed to enter the DR.

Hi Mom, About the DR. I am leaving tomorrow morning, early in the morning. I went to
the Dominican Counselate and they allow me to travel to the DR.I am taking the bus (Name
of the bus company is Coach Line) as they do everyday.I am leaving Haiti with my
brother's friend that lives in the DR. He is going back to the DR at his house and we have
other friends that live close to his house. While my staying, I will buy tents that we are
going to use up in the mountains.I am going to SANTIAGO.I will be back on Monday.

We are planning on going to (Aux Cadets, Halte Peralte), southeast of where we live in
Petion Ville. Once we have the money, that's where we are moving for a period of
time. About the Lifeline Christian Mission in Grand Goave, we would not go there because
it's near the sea and the earthquake starts from the sea as it did the first time, the place
where it blowed (Carrefour) is all covered and under water. I will keep you posted. After
God, the people in Iowa, and for sure myself, my family and I are in big trouble cause we
have nothing and I need to be strong and stay strong.

Love, Ruthie.

Where We Go From Here
At this time, we are still soliciting money from different sources. Though we are already able to make a huge difference for Ruth's family, their needs are great and will continue for months if not years. I will work with Ruth to wire her the needed funds - it is unsafe to send her all of the money at one time. While money is important, we cannot forget the power of prayer.

Please continue to follow this blog; I will work to update it daily.

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